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List of the best schools

1. Hillside School Utawala

Hillside School is a modern and artistically designed mixed-day and boarding school in Utawala, off the Eastern Bypass. It offers the Kenyan CBC system from pre-primary to grade 4 and 8-4-4 from classes 5-8. It has for years maintained an outstanding record of being an academic giant in national examinations.

Contacts: 0722 789 113/ 0763 789 113.


2. Zion School

Zion School is a private primary school founded on sound Christian principles, values and teachings. It is a modern learning institution offering the new Competency Based Curriculum. It is located in Mihango.

Contact: 0714 053 535.


3. Rophine Field Junior School

Rophine Field Junior School is an excellent institution full of learning, comfort, laughter, friendship and where all children feel safe and valued. It offers value-based and quality education to beloved children.

Contacts: 0721 325 190/ 0732 289 681.


4. St Bakhita Elite School

St Bakhita Elite School is a top private primary school founded on christian principles and values. It aims to nurture each child holistically. It is located along the Eastern Bypass.

Contacts: 0767 700 000/ 0776 192 071.


5. Lakewood Premier School

Lakewood Premier School is a fast growing school located along Kinka- Airways Road in Utawala. It provides a warm, safe and loving environment that brings out the best in each child.

Contacts: 0718 161 512/ 0718 161 385.


6. Carmel Catholic Primary School

Carmel Catholic Primary School was founded in 2005 on christian based values. It offers holistic education and a wide range of co-curricular activities. It has over the years produced academic giants in national examinations.

Contact: 0717 402 067.


7. Immaculate Primary School

Immaculate Primary School was founded in 1994 by the Divine World missionaries. It offers a holistic approach to learning and has been able to merge academic learning with co-curricular activities thus producing well-rounded students in society.

Contacts: 0700 921 477/ 0722 427 075.


8. Utawala Christian School

Utawala Christian School is a centre of holistic excellence located in the heart of Utawala. It is a school that thrives on academic excellence, offering affordable education and a wide range of co-curricular activities.

Contact: 0745 107 230.